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Here Goes!!!

Harnessing energy, allowing reflection, working intuitively, guided by years of searching.....and here I am. For now.

I start with preparing the canvas, a coat of gesso, drying time, sanding time, repeat at least three times. Over days, it becomes a meditative process, allowing thoughts, remembrances to surface.

COLOR; applied to the prepared canvas. Photograph, write a word or two. Think, look, glance in passing. Overtime.....

No rush.

Covid always present, isolation and ZOOM.... my main contact with the outside world. Walking 2-3 miles as often as I can. Paying attention to the news.

In the ever present background, my nascent painting ferments.

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Elizabeth Rundquist
Elizabeth Rundquist
25 de dez. de 2020

Christmas Day, Here in isolation, never by myself at Christmas before! Spent some time crying, felt better. gave the cat her present. felt better, cut some canvas, a large piece, put it up on the MVD board. I like to see the possibilities present. A blank slate. Like cross-country skiing in newly fallen snow. Making the first tracks. Did some drawing, great family ZOOM, listening , watching The Washington National Cathedral. beautiful music, wonderful service, don't feel alone. Grateful.


Elizabeth Rundquist
Elizabeth Rundquist
18 de dez. de 2020

Not sure if I am doing this right, but then, who ever knows what is right? Threw away the terrible idea of restraining myself. My feelings take over, I literally throw paint at the canvas. Then spend hours pulling the saturated mess back to some coherence. With a good critique, I advanced, using the initial energy with a pale color, not flaming, bloody red!

Continued documenting as I went along , both with my phone and journaling. ended up with a satisfying resolution (see my new opening painting). Website updated.

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